DIY Unicorn Party Cups

Supplies to make your own DIY unicorn party cups:

DIY Unicorn Party Cups-6Begin by cutting your tissue paper into 1/4″ strips that are 6″ long. Then layer two strips of each color on top of each other and staple onto the cup.

DIY Unicorn Party Cups-6

DIY Unicorn Party Cups-6Next, cut your glitter cardstock into an arch that measures about 2-3″ tall and wrap into a cone shape. Be sure to leave a small hole at the top of the cone so that you can slip the cone over the drinking straw. Use tape to secure the ends of the card stock and then place onto the straw and tape to the straw. The last step is to use the black marker to draw eyes and eyelashes on each side of the cup.

DIY Unicorn Party Cups-6Seriously! Have you ever seen a cuter cup?! I think not! Just imagine the look on the kids faces when they find out they get to use a DIY unicorn party cup for their party drinks! And because the tissue paper tail is at the top of the cup, you can stack these cups for your party guests or set them all out individually.

Just look at this colorful unicorn party! If this doesn’t get you in the rainbow magic unicorn mood, I don’t know what will!

Resource : Consumer Crafts

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