12 Amazing DIY Yard Decoration Ideas

If u want to have a perfect yard , here are some 12 fence ideas to make it happend.

All u need i some basic supplies and a few hours of your time, u can decorate a very beautiful garden.

Check this list of 12 amazing decoration ideas.

1.Your favorite quote     fence-quote

You can write an favorite quote to give your yard a personal touch of you!

2.Recycle and Hang Old Metal


You can find old metal in your basement or garage and hang them up between fence panels to give your garden a unique vintage look.
3.Rainboot Flower Pots


Have your kids grown out of their rainboots? You can turn them into unique flower pots to hang on your fence.

4.Make Crock Flower Pots


You can fill them up with a plant of your choice and hang them on your fence.

5.Empty Picture Frames

This is a popular interior design idea, but it will also look great in your yard! You just need a few old picture frames. You can also paint the frames any color you like!

6.Hang Old Plates


If u have some old decorative plates around the house, you can use them and they will make a beautiful addition to your yard or garden. Choose plates that have different designs and sizes for a unique look.
7.Paint and Hang Old Clay Pots


By choosing some bright and fun colors, you can decorate your fence with these beautiful DIY clay pot designs!
8.Wheel Flowers for the kids


Take some old hubcaps and paint them your favorite colors. This makes a fun and easy fence design!

9.Hang Up Colorful Bags


You can turn colorful bags into a amazing DIY garden accessory! Just take some old colorful bags and add soil to them. If you don’t have any bags, you can pick up some cheap ones at any thrift store.
10.Use Wooden Crates


Take some old wooden crates and turn them into beautiful flower pot shelves! Works great in hot, dry areas as the shelves can give them some shade.
11.Decorate Your Fence With Flowers

After grabbing a few things from hobby lobby, you too can create these beautiful flowers that add a fun and exciting look to your fence.


Make a custom butterflies that bring your yard to life

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